Coastguards praise “quick thinking” taxi driver after helping a female passenger


WEST Bay Coastguard and a quick thinking taxi driver helped a vulnerable woman who wanted to be dropped off near the cliffs to go for a walk “walk”.

The woman in question, who has mental health issues, had said she had recently taken an overdose and was intoxicated at the time.

The coastguards were alerted by the taxi driver who flagged down their vehicle and reported being very concerned for the welfare of his female passenger, who was picked up from outside of the county but had asked to be dropped off at the cliffs in West Bay so she could go for a ‘walk’.

A spokesperson for the West Bay Coastguard said: “He said he had been driving around in circles for some time looking for help, unwilling to let the passenger exit his vehicle.

“The coastguard officer in charge had a chat with the woman who said she had mental health issues and had taken an overdose with alcohol earlier that day.

“The taxi driver was asked to pull into a safe area and two coastguard officers kept the woman company while the officer in charge called Solent for assistance from the police, ambulance service and the remainder of the West Bay team.

“The police and additional coastguard officers arrived shortly after and the female passenger was safeguard by the police until the arrival of the ambulance service. The coastguard officers were then stood down to return to station.

“We want to thank the taxi driver for his concerns and quick thinking which prevented what could have been a very dangerous situation.”

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