New theatre venture in Seaton

CHRISSY Evans, Claire Harrison, Andrew Beaumont, Winstons chef and manager Forest Kimble and Mervyn Hewish

A SMALL team of enthusiasts are bringing the concept of pub theatre to Seaton.

The core team consists of Chrissy Evans, Andrew Beaumont and Mervyn Hewish.

Chrissy is involved with local film company Bus Pass Productions, Andrew has experience of pub theatres in London and Mervyn is an artist who has been involved with numerous amateur productions.

Winstons is the base and the trio said: “We are really interested in bringing live professional/semi-professional theatre to our area which we feel is sadly lacking compared to other villages and towns.

“We think it would be good to have a venue where young people could start out in their profession, and where small touring companies, or individuals, could come.

“We have no commercial interest in this venture, just a wish to see more theatre in Seaton.”

They also stressed that their venture should not be seen as competition to The Gateway, but as a complement.

Chrissy explained: “We aim to offer a small intimate venue dedicated to presenting professional ‘live’ theatre in as wide a variety of ways as possible.

“The idea is to get away from the rigid restriction of presenting all shows with a stage at one end and the audience sat in rows in front of it.

“We are keen that the space is used imaginatively with the audience seated around the performance space or sat at tables, if appropriate, or to move the action around the room so the audience feels it is literally part of the performance.

“We would like to invite all types of performers and especially the young to help them have a platform to experiment and showcase their talent.”

The group is also looking for non-performing volunteers for the smooth running of the project.

Anyone interested in joining is asked to get in touch with Chrissy at 61 Harbour Road, Seaton, or by emailing

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