MP clarifies expenses claim


YEOVIL MP Marcus Fysh has moved to clarify why his Amazon Prime account appeared on his expenses.

Mr Fysh was caught up in controversy when he was named by national newspapers as one of nine MPs who had been found to have claimed for the popular service.

Mr Fysh said: “MPs’ expenses which are granted by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority for the running of offices and operations in two locations have been a hot topic in recent years. Mine have been correct and proper despite some trying to cast aspersions, and I try to operate efficiently.

“My office has been using Amazon and its Prime service with a government card to get fast and cheap delivery of various items for it. As a busy MP and father of two young children I certainly have no time for any TV streaming services that recently appear to have been bundled with the free delivery service.

“Amazon shouldn’t have charged for the Prime delivery service that was used though, because I was part of the original beta trial for Prime back in around 2004 and have had it without paying ever since because getting delivery free forever under Prime was the deal with that. I have now got a refund directly onto the government card which they erroneously charged.

“So the net result is that my office has had some numerous and bulky items delivered for free, without the taxpayer having to pay anything for Amazon Prime.”