Ichthyosaur fossil discovered in Lyme Regis


AN ICHTHYOSAUR fossil has been discovered in Lyme Regis, and has already attracted the attention from famed naturalist David Attenborough.

The fossil of the sea beast was first spotted earlier this year, but recently fell to the beach near Monmouth. Local fossil hunters helped to bring the find to shore.

Yesterday, (October19th) it was reported that David Attenborough and Kate Humble were filming with a BBC crew at the site where the fossil was found, as part of a documentary.

The pieces of the Ichthyosaur were loaded onto a pontoon and pulled to shore by two boats.

Crowds quickly gathered on the slipway tot take pictures of the 160 million year old specimen.

The fossil was towed in to the harbour
The fossil was towed in to the harbour


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  1. Great to here about sir David Attenborough and Kate hummbal and the BBC I love fossils and been in lyme Regis I want to know and see more


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