Dig at bowling green adds to Dorchester’s Roman history


AN archaeological dig on Dorchester’s former borough gardens bowling green has added to the understanding of the town’s past.

The work is being carried out by Peter Bellamy of Terrain Archaeology on behalf of Dorchester Town Council.

The bowling green is to be converted, later in the year, to a new tennis court.

An interim dig report confirms what was previously thought about Dorchester’s Roman town defences – that the town had a triple ditch system of defences.

Also found in the south east corner was an area of original ground level which would have been sealed beneath the Roman town.

The report says that the area has been partially disturbed by post medieval activity underneath which lies a prehistoric boundary ditch, which suggests a Neolithic rather than Bronze Age date. The final archaeological report, when produced, will be considered by Historic England who will then tell the town council of any mitigation measures that will need to be observed during the tennis court construction.

The trenches will remain open until any mitigation measures have been agreed as there may be a need for further examination.

Pictured is the dig site at the town’s bowling green.