Deputy mayor calls for town to pull together for hospital protest

DEPUTY Mayor Cllr Jack Rowland wants a united show of support for hospital services

THE Deputy Mayor of Seaton, Cllr Jack Rowland, is keen for a massive turnout at Seaton Hospital when the Save Our Hospital Services’ ‘More Fool Them – You Can’t Fool Us Day’ campaign arrives.

Cllr Rowland is the co-ordinator for the Seaton event, which will take place from 10am-11am on Saturday, April 1st.

Lines of protestors dressed in red will be formed outside a string of hospitals on Saturday, including Seaton, Honiton (11am) and Ottery (2pm).

Cllr Rowland said: “I’m hoping that as many people as possible from all age groups can join me outside Seaton Hospital to show our united opposition to the planned loss of hospital beds in Seaton and what is happening to other community hospitals all over Devon.

“My fear is that this is the start of a process that could see these hospitals closing altogether and the sites being sold.

“If people are intending to join me, please remember to wear something red.

“Our Member of Parliament, Neil Parish, will be attending and other speakers will be there too.”

Seaton Town Council has set-up a working party consisting of councillors Jack Rowland, town mayor Marcus Hartnell, Martin Shaw and town clerk Amy Tregellas.

The working party will meet with MP Neil Parish and try to find the best way forward to fight the decision to close beds. They will liaise with other affected towns and parishes, and will seek quotes for initial legal advice regarding judicial review of the bed closure decision. The findings of the working party will be presented at an extraordinary meeting of the town council on Monday, April 3rd.

More information the demonstration is available online at

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