Chris Hutchings


LYME Regis resident Chris Hutchings works for West Country Vending by day, but in the evenings and weekends he runs his own entertainment company, Wessex Star Discos. Originally from Dorchester, he moved to Lyme Regis from Yeovil as he felt it was the best environment in which to raise his children. He is married to wife Jayne, and has three daughters and two sons. In 2016, Chris was named a Lyme Regis Honoured Citizen for offering his disco services to help several local charities and good causes.

HOW did you come to set-up Wessex Star Disco?
I was playing music in the Evershot area at barn dances in the mid-1970s and realised people really liked what I was doing and in 1978 I started the business. In those days mobile discos were a new thing and very few people were able to do them as you couldn’t just buy the equipment off the shelf, you had to make most of it yourself, unlike nowadays! So I decided to set up a road show and I still have some of the original equipment, although I no longer use it as I am fully modernised to the digital era.

WHAT kind of events are you available for?
I have worked in very small pubs and I have worked in aircraft hangers, and everything in-between. I have done weddings, birthdays, holiday parks, night-clubs, charity events indoor and outdoor and anything where public address and music is required. Back in the day I have worked as a DJ for ITV and entertained celebrities including the cast from Crossroads including Benny and Miss Diane.

WHAT do you enjoy about your job?
I love entertaining people and nothing pleases me more than to look over the dance floor and see everyone enjoying themselves.

DO you have a favourite dance floor filler?
Yes, for a bit of cheesy fun it’s my favourite – ‘Tell Me Ma’ by The Shamrocks! However, every party is different and there are many great floor fillers.

YOU received an honoured citizen award last year for your charity work. How did you feel to receive this?
Honoured! it made me feel very proud to be part of the community and to be recognised for the amount of charity work that I do.

WHY do you feel it’s important to support local groups and charities?
I feel the best way I can help groups and charities is to do what I do best, which is enhancing their event or evening by using my skills as a sound and lighting technician and DJ. We live in a small community and its important to help each other to be a part of it. Its important for us all to feel like we belong.

WHAT do you like about living in Lyme Regis?
It has character, history and a village like community. I love the beach the ever changing landscape and the warmth of the people.

WHAT do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love spending time with my family, I love off-road cycling with as many of my family as we can muster. I love West End theatre, my favourite show is ‘The Bodyguard’, and I love travel. My longest trip to date is 34,000 miles in ten days to see my son Martyn, his wife Liz and my three grandchildren, Jasper, Violet and Jarvis and their family and friends.

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